Friday 7 September 2012

Effects of the Reformation

Part of our recent Summer School was about the effects of the English Reformation and the dissolution of the monasteries – not just the effects on Roman Catholics, who now entered into a period of savage repression and iconoclasm, but the effects on the economy and society of England as a whole. The destruction of much of the fabric of civil society, on which the working classes and the poor depended, created a new kind of poverty and a new society, simultaneously laying the foundations of modern international finance and the wages system. A useful summary of all this can be read in a recent issue of The Social Crediter (read Parts 3 and 3).


  1. There is a good (three part) article on this subject by Christopher A. Ferrara at The Distributist Review.

    1. I should add a little correction.

      These articles are more of a critique of those who defend the enclosures of that period. They do however, point out aspects of the devastating impact they had in response to those who are defending them.