Thursday 4 March 2010

How the World Is Made?

One of the topics in my book is so-called "sacred geometry". I didn't do it justice, of course. It need a lot more, and better, illustrations, but that wasn't an option at the time. So instead, as readers will know, I recommend the work of educator Michael Schneider. He seems to strike the right balance of enthusiasm and sanity, and his book is full of nice pictures and geometical constructions. Unfortunately, sacred geometry and number along with numerology and astrology have become a playground of the New Age. But while this should certainly engender caution, it should not put orthodox Christians off completely. These symbolic systems are part of the great Classical and Medieval civilization and were employed in the writing of Scripture and the building of the great cathedrals. We need to understand them better. The two great modern masters of the subject are Keith Critchlow (who teaches at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts) and John Michell. Shortly before he died, Michell completed How the World is Made, which is recommended by Michael Schneider. The book is illustrated by Michell with full colour images like these, and is published by Inner Traditions in the US and Thames and Hudson in the UK. I hope to review it in Second Spring, where I will try to say why I think the subject is important, even though I have to attach a strong warning, because it is mixed together (as you will see in Michell's book) with a lot of eccentricity and downright anti-Catholic prejudice.


  1. First visit here (via One Cosmos) and the first thing I see is the book I bought for myself at Christmas. Then you mention Michael Schneider whose book is also on my shelves. As if that wasn't enough, I see some fractals further down the page. I have been using a fractal generator for some years now with something like 900 images created so far.
    I shall visit regularly from now on.
    Michell's book has some very nice images but the text contains very little that he has not already written elsewhere.


  2. Likewise, my first visit here via One Cosmos. Lots of connectors and interestingly enough, was just delving into fractals the past few days, ie. The Mandelbrot Set.

    Will visit here often now. Look forward to reading more on homeschooling.